June 6, 2013

The "F" Word

READY... “Insane people are always sure that they are fine.  It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy.”  ~ Nora Ephron

AIM... It’s the most common response out of everyone’s mouth, “I’m FINE.”  Yep, it’s that infamous “F” word which covers so many bases.  When someone asks how we are doing, why do we resort to telling folks we are fine when, in fact, we are most often not fine.  Why don’t we say we are fantastic, fabulous or fair?   Why don’t we say we are freaked out, in a funk or feeling frustrated?  More often than not, we don’t want to take the time to share how we really feel because we don’t want to get into a discussion about what is really going on in our lives.  However, there are times we don’t want to share our real feelings because the person asking isn’t someone we would necessarily share our intimate details with; he is simply being polite in his asking.

So, are you resigned to live a life that’s simply fine?  I encourage you to step outside of the “fine” life and live boldly and own your feelings.  If someone you trust asks how you are doing, surprise her with a REAL answer.  You might be amazed at her response because you didn’t just pass her off with the typical “fine” answer.  Be great.  Be sad.  Be angry.  Be under the weather.  Be peachy.  Be overwhelmed.  And always…be excellent!
FIRE!  For one day, I challenge you to be anything but FINE.  Use this challenge as a fun experiment to see what kind of reactions you receive from folks.  If nothing else, it will be an entertaining day!  

Be Excellent!