September 1, 2009

When I Grow Up

READY8 "For nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 NLT

AIM8 Have you ever thought back to your childhood days and remembered what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did that dream actually come true for you? Why or why not?

Many of us go through life and simply give up on our childhood dreams. For some reason, we think that those ideas or aspirations are out of reach. Friends, God gives you the desires of your heart. If there is something you have always dreamed of doing, don’t put it off another day. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Whether it’s a baby step or a huge leap, God is waiting to make your dreams a reality.

FIRE8 Do something for your future today. Sign up for a college class, send your resume to your dream employer, pray for wisdom and guidance or simply take a break and rest. God is waiting to help you take a step in the right direction.

Be Excellent!

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