November 10, 2009


READY8 "Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin’…into the future." ~ Steve Miller Band - “Fly Like An Eagle”

AIM8 We are given twenty-four new hours every single day. What do you do with your time?
For most of us, our careers absorb a large portion of that time; for some of us that may mean up to twelve hours are immediately spent at our job. Additionally, we should be getting our eight hours of sleep, or at the very least resting and hopefully recharging our body’s batteries. So…what are we doing with the remaining hours in our day? We can figure that some of our time is spent bathing, getting dressed and undressed, eating meals and driving to and from work. Alright, that’s probably another three to five hours total. Therefore, we are left with any where between one to six hours of unaccounted time.
It’s what we do in those unaccounted hours that speak to our priorities. In those few remaining hours, do you: play with your children? Exercise? Read the newspaper or books? Watch television? Shop? Enjoy hobbies? Pray? Surf the internet? Put in more hours at work? Spend time with your family and your friends? I know we barely scratched the surface of all of the millions of things we are obligated to do, asked to do or choose to do with our free time. What does your free time say about YOU?
Time is a precious commodity. Use it wisely!

FIRE!8 Set aside fifteen minutes to sit and just talk to your spouse, one of your children or one of your parents or siblings. Ask them what they are excited about in their life right now. The connection made during those invaluable fifteen minutes will be time well spent.

Be Excellent!

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