July 12, 2012

Break A Leg

READY Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  ~ Rose Tremain

AIM… Day after day, we are living on a stage where people are watching our performances.  Those performances are controlled by our emotions, past experiences and level of maturity, and, yes, our level of maturity can change from day to day. But most of us take life for granted. We assume we’ll get up tomorrow and do the same thing all over again, just on a different day.  However, what if we only had a few days left to live?  Would we act differently?  Would we do things we wish we could do?  Why does the realization of death change our outlook and approach to life?  If each one of us embraced every day as if it might be our final performance, I guarantee that most of us would choose to act differently. We would give our very best for every person we encountered, and we would make sure to give credit to those who have made a difference in our lives.  Perhaps we simply need to wake up each morning with a different attitude about life. We need to approach each day as if it were an encore performance requested by God. Maybe then we’d love bigger, take more chances, make time to be together, smile more often, appreciate what we’ve been given and perform to the best of our abilities because we really enjoy being alive.  The world is your stage; so what are you waiting for?

FIRE!   Since life is not a dress rehearsal, break a leg!  I challenge you to give it all you’ve got and do your very best every single day.  Enjoy every opportunity and life so enthusiastically that everyone would agree that you deserve God’s encore requests.

Be Excellent!

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