September 27, 2012

Welcome To The Human Race

READY..."I am not a human being; I am a human becoming.”  ~Author Unknown

AIM…Have you ever met someone who’s got it all together?  You know the one.  Her life is wonderful: her hair is always styled; her lipstick is always on; her children are well-behaved, and her husband is a great provider.  Yep, you know her.  We all know her. However, behind all the wonderfulness is a living, breathing human being.  Behind those accessories and well-matched outfits is a woman with feelings and emotions and probably dealing with the same problems that the rest of us deal with. However, from the outside, you’d never know it.  She hides her imperfections so well.  Her mantra is “a place for everything and everything in its place.”   So, when life happens and all those things that used to fit so neatly inside her life box come spilling out, it’s almost surprising to us, the casual on-lookers. Secretly, we savor a moment of satisfaction knowing that perfect lives do not exist for anyone. Real life does indeed happen to all of us every single day. The only difference is that some folks are better at going with the flow when life throws them a curve ball. Some folks need an entourage and a pity party when life happens.  

No matter what, grace is the best gift to offer when you recognize that yep, she’s human too.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect anymore.  What a relief!

FIRE!   The next time you encounter a difficult situation with someone, pause, redirect and give her grace.  Perhaps there’s more to her life story than you realize.  Oftentimes, a those perfect closet doors are hiding a mountain of problems.

Be Excellent!

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