November 20, 2012

Too Blessed

READY… "Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.  Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.  Thanksgiving is the following of that impluse."  ~ Henry Van Dyke 
AIM…  Ahhh, Thanksgiving week.  The one day a year when everyone looks forward to an amazing meal cooked to perfection.  The one day a year folks take time to be thankful for life and all their comforts.  The one day…wait a minute!  Why in the world do we wait all year for this ONE DAY to gather, cook and be grateful?  Earlier this month, many of my friends on Facebook started a daily thanks post about things they were thankful for leading up to Thanksgiving.  All their posts have been lovely, valid reasons to be grateful.  However, I also realized that initially, many of the things they were all mentioning, I was thankful for EVERY DAY of the year.  Granted, it’s difficult to gather the extended family every day (nor do some of you want to be gathered with your relatives every day.)  With working and family responsibilities, it can be difficult to prepare and cook the perfect meal for several people every day.  However, it doesn’t take any real effort to be thankful every day for the blessings in your life.  Just a brief moment while you’re sipping your coffee or during your morning commute is all it takes to recognize and utter words of gratefulness to the one who gives us our comforts, provides for our needs and loves us unconditionally every day.  Psalm 147:7 says to Sing to the Lord with grateful praise.”  This Thanksgiving, let us sing to God our thanks for all He has blessed us with, be it your loving family, good health, financial provision or food on your table. Take time to feel blessed; not stressed.
FIRE!   We all know the typical things most folks are thankful for: God, family, friends, jobs, money, food, warm house, clothes, etc.  I’d like to know what quirky or unusual thing you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  It can be the one thing we all take for granted or something completely profound. Whatever it may be, give thanks, for all things!

**For me, well, I am thankful for coffee.  Coffee wakes me up in the morning.  It warms my body when I am cold.  It provides a great excuse to get together with friends to catch up and chat.  I enjoy it in all varieties of flavors and creative beverage and food concoctions.  Coffee is one silly little thing I am grateful for in my world this Thanksgiving.**

Be Excellent!

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