January 8, 2010

Love Your Enemies

READY8 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” ~John 15:12 NIV

AIM8 Getting over past hurts is never easy. People say “forgive and forget” but sometimes that is easier said than done. As people of excellence, we are called to forgive the men and women who do wrong against us. However, forgetting that wrong is often another story.

If we want to grow and become more like Jesus, we need to put our past behind us and look forward. We are asked to be kind and to show love and mercy to those friends, family members or co-workers who have hurt us. After all, we often disappoint our Heavenly Father with some of the improper decisions we make in life. But guess what? God loves us anyway and forgives us for our mistakes. Knowing that God loves us no matter what, the least we can do is to try to love, or at least forgive, those people who have disappointed us. It will free your conscience and remove those unnecessary worries from your life.

FIRE!8 Make a conscious decision to let go of that grudge you’ve been holding onto for longer than necessary. If you need help, say a simple prayer asking God to help you forget about the wrong things that have been done to you, or ask a trusted friend for advice. You will feel stronger and motivated to get over your past hurts and you will finally be able to move forward with a refreshed heart and mind.

Be Excellent!

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