March 10, 2010

Always Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

READY8 “A conscience is that still small voice that people won't listen to. That's just the trouble with the world today...” ~ Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney’s movie Pinocchio

AIM8 There I was, checking out at the grocery store with all my food items for the week. I thanked the cashier and proceeded to push my cart out to the parking lot, so I could unload my purchases. After placing all the bags into my car, I picked up my purse from the front basket to return the cart. GASP! There, under my purse, were the birthday cards I had selected while I was shopping in the grocery store. I had forgotten about them and waltzed right out of the store without paying for them. Now, here’s where my conscience started to wrestle with me. On one shoulder, I had the angel telling me to go all the way back into the store and pay for the cards. After all, it would be stealing if I didn’t pay for them. On the other shoulder, I had the devil telling me to forget about it. You’re ready to get in the car and the storeowners don’t know anything about the cards in my cart. Ugh! Why are there even options to consider in a situation like this?

I didn’t think about it for another moment. I returned my cart and marched right back into the grocery store, cards in hand. I got back in line with the same cashier and explained that I forgot to put the cards on the belt when I was checking out and needed to come back into the store to pay for my birthday cards. I think he was a little surprised because he kind of stammered, “Oh…. yes.” So I paid and walked back out to my car smiling. I knew I had made the right decision. The decision a person of integrity would make. Besides, it was a great story to share with my children and all of you.

FIRE!8 Be a person of integrity today. Tell the truth in all situations, pay for all your purchases, let someone merge in front of you on the highway and smile. You deserve to hold your head high when you know you are making the right choices in life.

Be Excellent!

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