May 26, 2010

A Refill Please

READY8 “When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a paper cut!” (OUCH!) ~ Anonymous

AIM8 Last week I shared my story of how I made lemonade out of the sour weather lemons I endured during my daughter’s zoo field trip. My “Fire!” challenge was for you to share your thoughts about how you make lemonade out of life’s lemons. As promised, I am sharing your thoughts in this week’s Arrows of Integrity and on my blog. Perhaps this refill of encouragement will inspire you to make excellent decisions.

Krystal shared – “LOL!!!! FYI--we "drank lemonade" at the Pizza Hut buffet that day.”

Julia shared – “That's my favorite AOI yet. Good one. I totally agree with you on letting those kiddos play and let loose (despite our grownup desires to be somewhere else!) Those are memories that didn't cost a penny and tell your children that their youth and silliness are not an inconvenience, in fact, their childhood is worth more than all the money in the world.”

Laurie shared – “I agree! I said to the other teachers "The kids got out of it what the parents put into it". If you went out and had fun, your child had fun too! My group had a great time. I have never seen Logan so excited or talk so much. That made my day. Thanks for sticking it out with us and supporting the teachers and kids!”

Dot shared - I really liked your "Lemons or Lemonade" article. While reading it I decided that I am a "Lemonade" sort of person. Sure, I have my problems but, hey, what good does it do me or anyone else really, to complain and moan and compare problems with others? There is a saying, and no I do not know where it came from, that I constantly remind myself of "If you don't laugh you will cry" and why spend your life crying? Better to go out and buy some sugar to make that lemonade. It will help you and those around you feel a lot better. (I get the feeling that God kind of likes Lemonade also.)

Anonymous shared – “I say we all just get together, bring salt, tequila, the lemons and have a margarita party!”

Thank you to everyone who shared their “lemonade” insights. Life is tough, let’s take those lemons and squirt life in the eye together!!

FIRE!8 The next time you find yourself in an unsatisfactory situation, pause, look at all the options and choose the high road. I’m certain there will be a lemonade stand along the way!

Be Excellent!

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