June 29, 2011

Lazy Days Of Summer

READY… “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone. ‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything, nothing at all.” ~ Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song”

AIM… It’s summer. Yes, I realized that I did not send an Arrows of Integrity message last week. My excuse? I don’t have one…other than the simple fact that I was being lazy. The week before I was on vacation and had prepared an extra AOI message just so I could keep you in the loop while I was away. However, when I returned home, I hadn’t checked back in yet and so I just extended my relaxed schedule and remained uninspired and on lazy time.

You know, most of us really don’t know how to check out, relax and just be lazy. We’re so keyed up and stressed out that when we actually get an opportunity to rest or take a vacation, we don’t know how. Life demands so much from us from work stresses, activity schedules and home responsibilities that it’s no wonder we don’t know how to flip the off switch in our brains. It literally took me two days to unwind while we were on vacation. That’s nuts! However, once I achieved my state of relaxation, it was smooth sailing the rest of the week…and into the next. I’m happy to report that while I’m going to enjoy the low-key schedule of summer with my children, I’m back on track keeping you, my avid Arrows readers, encouraged and inspired. In the meantime, I hope you too will embrace summer and just relax your routine.

FIRE! Choose one day (or a ½ day) this week to “check out” and just enjoy some lazy time. You deserve a break, so rest already!!

Be Excellent!

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