July 7, 2011

Free To Be Me

READY… “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.” ~ L. Ron Hubbard

AIM… Being Americans means we are free to live the lives we choose. Being Americans means we are free to say whatever we want to say. Being Americans means we are free to wear whatever type of clothing we want to wear. Being Americans means we are free to listen to any kind of music we choose. Being Americans means we are free to chase our dreams and make them come true.

However, because we are Americans and are free to live as we please, some Americans turn blind eyes to the consequences that come with those choices. Some Americans lie, cheat, or steal, while others kill, destroy, disobey, overindulge, ruin and take advantage of their favorable circumstances. Why? Could they really be that disillusioned to believe that the freedoms they have been granted allow for their actions? While we may have the freedom to do what we would like, we must always be cognizant of the consequences of those actions. We must also consider those consequences before we exercise those freedoms in our everyday lives! Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and cause us to make decisions outside of what our normal lives would allow. Agreed? That is certainly no excuse for poor behavior, but it does make sense of the times we fall short of being an excellent person. Let’s all agree to be better Americans and exercise an appreciation of our freedoms by making good choices as we journey through life.

FIRE! Be proud to be an American of integrity this week! Choose one area of your freedom and make a responsible choice in your behavior or decisions. God bless America and God bless you!

Be Excellent!

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