February 10, 2012


READY… "There aren’t enough Fridays in the week.” ~All Famous Quotes on Fridays

AIM… Thank God It’s Friday!! Have you had a crazy week too? Yep, it is nuts in my world right now. I’m SO glad it’s Friday because that means it’s the weekend and I can catch my breath to regroup before Monday rolls around again.

What is it about the normal week that leaves us giddy with excitement that Friday has finally arrived? I guess for the person who works a typically scheduled job it means time to rest and renew for a few days on the weekend. For the college student, it means party time! For the restaurant owner and retail manager, it means cha-ching: business = bonus. What does Friday mean to you? Whether you like it or not, today is FRIDAY, and I’m sharing my enthusiasm out loud. Join me chanting T-G-I-F, T-G-I-F!!!

FIRE!  So, what do you have planned for your Friday? This week, even if you don’t have plans, do something totally spontaneous and make sure it is fabulous and FUN!

Be Excellent!

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