March 14, 2012

You Are Amazing!

READY… “Happiness and satisfaction are found when you love the real you and embrace who you are.” ~ Anonymous

AIM… Did you know that you matter in this world? You have a divine purpose. You, my dear friend, were created to accomplish amazing things. Each and every day, you make a difference in the life of another person. Beyond all else, you are unique, special and absolutely incredible. You were designed in God’s own image to be a beautiful lady or handsome man. You are intelligent and clever. You make wise decisions with thoughtful discernment. Blessings surround you and good fortune follows you wherever you go. You are successful and can accomplish anything you set out to do. Kindness comes automatically for you and others feel refreshed spending time in your presence. More than anything, you are loved by many…including me. Thanks for being YOU!

FIRE!   Talk positively to yourself and take time to do something special this week just because it’s for you. Get pampered, treat yourself to a special dessert or just take a walk outside and enjoy feeling the sunshine warm your face. Enjoy a moment just for you and remind yourself that you are loved.

Be Excellent!

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