April 25, 2012

Please God...

READY… “LORD, you are the God who saves me; day and night I cry out to you.” Psalm 88 NIV

AIM… In times of crisis, we cry out, “Please God, help me.” When others are struggling, we cry out, “Please God, help them.” If we are scared, we cry out, “Please God, protect me.” When there’s more month left than money in our bank account, we cry out. “Please God, provide for me.” On the occasions when our child is sick, we cry out, “Please God, heal him.” We want God to do so much for us and we want His grace, peace, and deliverance immediately.

What about God’s cry to us? Truthfully, God’s cry is a simple whisper. He only asks for two things: “My child, please love Me” and “My beloved, please love others.” That’s it. God only asks us to do two things, yet we ask Him to do SO many more things for us. It hardly seems fair that the scales are greatly tipped in our favor. However, that’s just how He wants it. God wants to bless us abundantly. He wants us to cry out to Him when we need Him. Most of all, He wants us to know there is someone who loves us and will love us right back no matter how often we need His help or need to cry to Him. Are you crying out to God today or are you loving Him and those around you?

FIRE! Find time to be still and bask in the presence of silence today. Listen to God’s quiet whispers. Pray for wisdom and follow your heart. God will be waiting to hear from you.

Be Excellent!

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