January 18, 2011

Amazing Women

READY8 “The supply of good women far exceeds that of the men who deserve them.” ~Robert Graves

AIM8 Last week we evaluated who we were spending most of our time with on a regular basis. When you recognized those people, did any individuals stand out specifically? Did you realize that you hang out with any amazing women?

Everywhere I go I encounter amazing women who are doing amazing things. I am so blessed to know a tremendous amount of incredible ladies. There are days I am simply in awe of the things these women, my friends and acquaintances, are accomplishing. Emily is an amazing 15 year old 1st degree black belt. Michelle is amazing as one of the first female elders of her church. Alexis and Jan amazingly ran their first half-marathon in 2010. Ginger is a breast cancer survivor and an amazing teacher and volunteer. Rachelle designs and publishes an amazing free magazine for parents. Amy is an amazing full time seminary student and mother of a beautiful baby boy living with spina bifida. My mother, Irene, is an amazing woman who is still working as an operating nurse, her original and life-long calling.

I could go on and on listing reasons why each one of you is amazing. Please know, that I think very highly of you. How do you think about yourself? What makes YOU amazing? That might be a hard question for you to answer, but even if you’re humble, you know you are amazing in your own way. No matter where you are in life or what you’re doing, you were created for an amazing purpose. Recognize it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Be amazing!!

FIRE!8 Email or call at least one amazing woman today. Tell her why you think she is amazing. Be the encouragement she needs to continue living her life as an amazing woman.

Be Excellent!

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