January 11, 2011

Your Companions

READY8 “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.” Proverbs 13:20 NIV

AIM8 While we’re all taking notes on our fresh new start in the new year, how many of you have taken note of the people with whom you’re spending your time? Who do you text, email, facebook message, talk to on the phone and hang out with outside of your home? It has been proven that we become like the five people we spend time with the most. If you’re willing to do a little personal inventory, answer these questions honestly about your companions:

Do those people make you feel good about yourself when you’re together?

What are their top three character qualities?

Do those people encourage you to pursue your dreams or criticize your efforts?

Do those people seek ways to bless you ‘just because’?

Do you actually like those five people?

The answers to your questions may be eye-opening. If you want to succeed and be a person of integrity, you may need to evaluate those five influential people in your life. If you realize that you’re being dragged down by too many negative Nellies, start limiting your time with those gals. If you recognize you feel great and empowered when you’re surrounded by positive Pollyanna’s, start adjusting your schedule to spend more time with them. You are in control of your environment and attitude. Why not make it enjoyable and exciting with encouraging people of excellence? It’s your year; it’s your life; it’s your turn to choose the companions who are influencing the rest of your life.

FIRE!8 Choose to be an excellent companion! If you realize that you’ve been the negative Nelly of your closest companions, make a conscious effort to choose words of praise and encouragement; however, be sincere in your effort or you won’t be taken seriously. Then, watch your own life change in a positive direction as a result of your uplifting words and actions.

Be Excellent!

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