January 25, 2011


READY8 “If the devil can’t make us bad, he’ll make us busy!” ~ Sheri Rose Shepherd

AIM8 Simplify. Lately there’s been a quiet voice reminding me that I need to simplify my life. I couldn’t agree more, so I’m trying to listen and make the appropriate changes in my life to get my priorities back in balance. Have you ever felt like you’ve got too much going on or that your life is out of balance? The only way to get a handle on it is to simplify.

Truly, our society does not know how to be still. We are constantly in motion; running from one obligation to the next. Are you saying yes to too many requests for your time? If you have children, are your kids overscheduled with extra-curricular activities? We are doing ourselves and our families an injustice if we are over committing. Do we spend more time with our commitments than we do with our families? Your children have their whole lives to be busy adults. Let them enjoy some freedom to be kids, to have time to play and rest. Don’t sign them up for too many activities. Teach them to take unstructured time for themselves. I understand there will be exceptions to every situation. However, where you can be in control, do your due diligence to be aware of the stress and strain you are placing on your family members. And don’t worry about the neighbors or the other kids at school and what those families have scheduled for their kids. If they want to be crazy busy, that’s their choice. You don’t have to live with their chaos and the consequences of exhaustion and frustration. All that leads to is anxiety, illness and dissention in the home.

Stop. Listen. Quit beating yourself up over the things you didn’t get accomplished today. Tomorrow is a fresh new start with twenty-four more hours. Learn to pay attention to your body’s warning signals. Clear your mind from all the outside noise. Listen to your spirit. You need to have time to be still, to rest and to be available to do the greater things you are called to do in life. Begin today and simplify with me.

FIRE!8 Take a look at your calendar. Do you have too many things scheduled during the weekdays and the weekend? Make a pact with me to eliminate at least ONE activity or commitment from your life and begin simplifying. It may take a little extra courage to say no, but you will feel refreshed and free. Trust me.

Be Excellent!

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