June 19, 2012

Every Day Heroes

READY Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.” ~ Unknown

AIM… I was having a conversation with my neighbor the other day and she was talking about the behavior of some of the kids in the neighborhood being less than stellar.  Thankfully, my children are well-behaved (most of the time) and she used them as an example of good behavior.  My comment back to her was that kids today have too much time alone because both parents are working to support the family.  However, the sad truth is that many of those families don’t have both parents living together at home. The absence of a father-figure in the lives of impressionable children, both young men and young women, is impacting so many behavior choices and relationship issues that it’s frightening.  How often do you see a man open the door to a store for a woman to enter first?  That gesture is a simple example of common courtesy or, as we used to say, an example of chivalry. It seems that people are so absorbed with themselves that they don’t give those tasks a second thought, but it is more than possible they were never taught those types of courtesies.  What tool is available to teach young boys how to be caring fathers and faithful husbands if their own dads aren’t around or don’t care to be involved?  Thankfully, several grandfathers have taken up the charge to set a good example for their grandchildren and have developed impressionable relationships where the boys (and girls) have a role model they can emulate.  And thankfully, there are still dads out there, who have made commitments to be a loyal husband and to be an involved father and to break the cycle to take back their responsibility as men to be there for their families.  These men have recognized the calling that was placed in their hearts to be the man God created them to be.  They understand the great responsibility that comes with providing for their families financially by working hard and doing a good job for their employers.  They understand they are providing a level of security for their families by protecting their wives and children and making sure they are safe.  They understand the ultimate goal is to demonstrate unconditional love in the midst of all of life’s challenges.  Some days, the pay is only in hugs and kisses, but the reward is knowing they have made lasting impressions on the lives of future men and women who will hopefully, in turn, do the same.  What an awesome responsibility and a super-hero type of job that only a man of valor could fulfill.

FIRE! Give a compliment to dad (or granddad) you know who is walking the walk and talking the talk as an everyday hero with his family.  And for the gentleman who chooses to open the door for you when walking into a store, be sure to enthusiastically say thank you so he knows his efforts are recognized and appreciated.  We need to acknowledge the ordinary super-heroes in our world today.

Be Excellent!

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