December 30, 2009

Lead By Example

Ready8 "Travel the path of integrity without looking back; for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing." ~ Author Unknown

Aim8 Whether you are a parent or a friend of a child, you want what's best for the children you know. You want them to grow up to become good children, good citizens and eventually adults with good moral character. As an involved adult, there is a huge responsibility on our shoulders to help our children become people of excellence. So where do we start?

The best way to begin teaching integrity is to model good behavior; to demonstrate the results you expect from your children. If you haven't figured it out yet, you are the best example children can witness. where do you think kids hear to say "those words" you'd prefer they didn't repeat? Either they heard "those words" from someone else or, worse yet, they heard them from you. OUCH!

Take an inventory of your daily decisions. Do you spend time at work checking your Facebook account or shopping online? At the amusement park, do you fabricate your child's age to pay the lower rate? Have you ever used a copy of a software program instead of purchasing the registered product? Do you gossip about people you know, make poor movie and music choices or use credit cards excessively? Sure makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

Aside from the inappropriateness of your actions, what life message are you sending to the children around you? What does it actually cost you if you make that improper decision? The choice to be excellent and have personal integrity is always priceless and pays forward for years to come.

Fire!8 Practice what you preach this year. The next time you think about behaving in a questionable manner, STOP! Think about how it could affect your future, and the future of the children around you. Choose to behave in a positive manner. Our children are counting on you.

Be Excellent in 2010!


  1. Hi Lori: What a great starting encouragement for the new year. If I can remember this every day, I will be a much better person (even than if I lost 30 lbs!) I am looking forward to reading your total book of devotional encouragements one day! Love, Lisa G.

  2. Lisa, I think this will be a challenge for us all but if we try to stick with it, just imagine how wonderful the results will be!!
    Love you ~ Lori
    P.S. You'll be one of the first on my book list :-)