December 18, 2009

My Grown Up Christmas List

Today as I listened to Christmas music on the radio in my car, I heard Amy Grant singing "Grown Up Christmas List." It's such a beautiful song and I truly love the inspiring message of the things on her Christmas list of wishes.

This year, I have been recognizing how truly blessed my life really is. There's really nothing I absolutely have to have for Christmas (although we HAD to buy a new refrigerator last weekend - Merry Christmas, Honey!) Anyway, I must admit that I do enjoy opening a surprise gift or two on Christmas day. However, for me, my grown up Christmas list truly lives in my heart. The things I really desire aren't necessarily tangible gifts. My Christmas list consists of ways I can become a better wife, mother and friend, to love other people more deeply and to be an example of excellence for others to follow.

What's on YOUR grown up Christmas list? A new sweater, a better job, world peace? Perhaps you feel that you also want to help inspire others to greatness. If you can relate, please send those who may need a nudge the link to my blog. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our peers, one message at a time. In the meantime, make excellent choices for yourself this holiday season. Pause to reflect on the spirit of Christmas, the humble birth of Jesus, and enjoy being enveloped by the love of your family and your friends.

Have an Excellent Christmas!

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